October 7 2013

VIP Quickstart: A dream come true

One of the most time-consuming tasks of developing anything is setting up (and maintaining) a development environment(s). I spend 90% of my time developing for WordPress (and WordPress.com VIP specifically) and over the past few months I’ve had to setup 4 different development environments for various reasons to test out my code before pushing to…

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September 26 2013

My New Sony QX-10

My newest tech toy arrived this afternoon, the Sony QX-10. This weekend is going to be pretty fun exploring and giving it a real road test around the city of San Francisco. Expect a review shortly after.

September 26 2013

Mosaic: My New Favorite jQuery Plugin

Mosaic has recently become my new favorite jQuery plugin. I’ve been using a homegrown solution for a few months now on a client site and with recent redesign efforts I was looking at re-writing it from scratch to do what we wanted, but why reinvent the wheel when someone’s already built a hover-board?

September 24 2013

The Future of Commenting

This week found the highlighting of two large platforms and their new commenting systems, both take different approaches to solving the perpetual problems with internet commenting, and both hope to end the terrible signal-to-noise ratio so prevalent today.

September 18 2013

Farewell to Google Latitude

┬áJust over a month ago Google retired their Latitude service, and I wish they offered a replacement for iOS as they do for Android. I started using the Latitude iOS app in December of 2010 and up until the day they officially closed service on August 11th, 2013, I logged my location data nearly 24…

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September 16 2013

High Rent in SF

Looking at this newly revised rental price map is making me more and more thankful of the deal I have right now. Via SFist.

September 16 2013

iOS and Facebook Sign-On

If you’re an iOS developer and you let users login via Facebook, you should be using the Facebook SDK for iOS, not prompting your users to hand-login via an overlay window. I’m looking at you Luma.

September 12 2013

Cobook for iPad

Cobook for iPad. Finally. My life is complete.

September 12 2013

Incoming Downtime

Today might be a rough day for my site, I am both migrating the website to a new server and that same new server will be undergoing an OS upgrade later this evening. The migration shouldn’t actually cause much downtime if any at all, but the upgrade later tonight will. DreamHost is expecting only an…

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September 9 2013

Map of SF Muni’s Bus and Rail Yards

I freely admit that I’m a bit of a public-transit nerd. I love taking public transit in San Francisco (and other cities), and I love researching the history and present workings of public transit projects and systems. One of the more recent interests of mine is San Francisco’s Muni fleet of buses and light rail…

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September 6 2013

Dear stupid, stupid NSA

GigaOM has a wonderful love/hate letter to the NSA about the terrible job they’ve been doing lately. It’s quite a read and pretty much sums up my thoughts on the whole debacle.

September 4 2013

WordPress Plugin: Custom Short URL

A few weeks back I decided to buy a ‘short url’ domain for my site. Since I regularly share my posts via Twitter, I wanted to try and minimize the number of characters dedicated to the URL. I spent week or so coming up with possible names, but all my first thoughts were registered already…

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August 31 2013

Apple’s Beautifully Crafted Ecosystem

One thing many people may not guess immediately about me is that I actually really like Android. Sure, I was critical of it at first, but it’s grown into a truly world-class mobile OS. And there are a lot of parts about it that far out-strip the functionality of iOS by comparison. But as I’ve…

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August 15 2013

Stop Complaining and Leave

I agree with pretty much every word of rebuttal written by Uptown Almanac about the tech founder who trash talked SF. Seriously. If you hate it that much, move back to whatever you consider a “real city”. Yes, San Francisco has it’s faults, but so does every other city on earth. Muni could do better,…

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August 15 2013

Why I Despise PayPal

News that GlassUp had their PayPal account frozen is only the latest news about a payment company that has gotten far too complacent. For years PayPal has mistreated customers on both ends of the transaction process, and I’ve been on both ends of that multiple times.

August 13 2013

Why it’s a Great Time to be a Software Engineer

This wonderful data visualization from VentureBeat and Coverity illustrates why right now is such a wonderful time for software engineers like me and for the ‘tech’ industry as a whole.

August 13 2013

Explore the TARDIS in Google Maps

For those that know me, you probably know I am extremely unapologetic Doctor Who fan. So this new easter egg in Google Maps pretty much made my week. For the un-initiated, go here and click on the double up-arrows pointing towards the Police Box (or if you’re using the new beta, you can click the…

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August 11 2013

Equality in Investing: StartupEquality.org

It’s heartening to see movements in the tech industry to further social and legal equality for same-sex couples, most recently StartupEquality.org, which is seeking to update restrictions on who can be an ‘angel’ investor to include allowances for same-sex couples, even in states that do not yet have full marriage equality.

August 8 2013

Switching My CDN Origin to DreamObjects

Earlier today I made switched the origin server for my CloudFront CDN from Amazon S3 to DreamObjects. Using CDN Sync Tool and some modifications I made to it to support custom API endpoints, I was able to get all of my static files synced over to DreamObjects this morning, and then I simply had to…

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August 7 2013


Credit/debit card fraud can happen to anyone, even if you think you’re being careful. Suddenly I’m not so annoyed by the constant emails and notifications I get from Mint and BillGuard about spending. How scammers drained $1,700 from my bank account using Starbucks cards – GigaOM