Timbuk2 Q Backpack

My love for Timbuk2 is no secret. I own many different bags, from backpacks to messenger bags to duffle-style bags. Of all of these there are only two brands from which I own more than one bag, Nike (during my time as a competitive runner, they served me very well) and Timbuk2.

Recently, I found a great deal on one of the Timbuk2 bags that I’ve had my eye on, so I figured I’d jump on it. The Q Backpack arrived just in time to join me on an adventure trip this past weekend (the package was delivered two hours before I left). I spent the weekend camping and hiking around Lake Spaulding and the Yuba River. As a side note, if you ever get the chance to do it, go for it, it’s a great place to go, and if you like hiking off the trail, a perfect place to test your stamina, since there are almost no marked trails around the lake. I decided to use the Q as my day pack for our big hike along the side of the lake and up the river. Long story short, it worked amazing. I also used the backpack for a few days commuting to and from work in San Francisco. Now for the long story.

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