Abraxas Energy Consulting

During my year-long tenure as Technical Services Lead at Abraxas Energy Consulting I helped overhaul the company’s website and web applications to bring them into the modern era.

I consolidated and re-engineered the company’s internal web applications to provide one, easy-to-use interface for accessing any important functionality employees depend on daily. In this process I rebuilt a functioning timesheet and payroll system that handles project and task management and hours tracking across all employees. The system calculates overtime and pay totals for employees each pay period as well as generates reports for hours/cost tracking on a category, project, task, and employee level. I also rewrote the custom front-end to the company’s customer service and software license database, bringing much-needed simplicity and critical functionality to sales and support employees.

On the public-facing side, I overhauled the company website both in design and in content. Working with multiple departments, I conducted a thorough review of all existing content on the website, and over the course of several weeks updated, consolidated, and re-structured the content into a much more logical flow so that visitors can easily find exactly what they are looking for in just a few simple clicks. I then taught several employees how to maintain the site content on their own, so that there would be no bottlenecks to keeping the website fresh and up-to-date.